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Alright, as far as I can tell there are three players involved when it comes to net neutrality. The governmentCurrently being pressured to both make and resist from making rules. CompaniesIn particular I’m talking about companies and coalitions of companies with deep enough pockets to turn the heads of a number of congressmen. Under this […]

The first topic I want to take a closer look at is something I believe to be monstrously important that I’m sure many (but not enough of you) have heard about… net neutrality. From what I can tell, I’m entering the debate a little later than many, but I’ll do my best to catch up […]

Alright. So it’s time to try my hand at the blogging business. For those interested, I am going to attempt to comment somewhat intelligently on the technological issues of greatest importance today. As the name implies, I’ll be looking beyond the technical implications of various technologies and blogging my thoughts on their greater meanings and […]