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Techdirt recently posted about how Internet Service Providers are shooting themselves in the foot. Not that this is surprising coming from Techdirt (and it’s certainly justified to an extent), but the issue they raise does give some reasonable food for thought about ISP’s traffic shaping P2P traffic. The funny thing, though, is that whether or […]

Via Boing Boing, USA Today has written an article about how the metal used in nickels and pennies has become more valuable than the coins’ face values. Soaring metals prices mean that the value of the metal in pennies and nickels exceeds the face value of the coins. Based on current metals prices, the value […]

I’m sorry for not keeping up with my blog recently. This year I’ve taken on more a good deal more responsibility at school and I haven’t had the kind of time I was previously taking to write my posts. I think I previously set the standard a little high for myself, expecting each post to […]