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Techdirt stumbled onto a problem I think is worthy of note the other day. Apparently studies have shown that a lack of good IT literacy can have someone waste up to 40 minutes per day. Of course, the real question is how to solve this problem. As the article notes, the answer is in better […]

There has been a lot of media attention paid to the dangers of social networking websites like MySpace and others can create for our children. Such stories often star shady abductors misspelling words and carefully luring children into their web each night, preying on their naivety and innocence. However, as one might expect if one […]

Let’s begin with a picture. Now for some background. Recently, a publicity stunt by a late night Cartoon Network show, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, caused a big scare in Boston. So reports The Boston Channel: BOSTON — Turner Broadcasting plans to take responsibility for the “hoax devices” that were found at sever allocations in and […]