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Latoya Peters is one of my favorite commenters on race and stereotypes in society, and her posts on Racialicious are usually worth reading. Recently, she wrote a post discussing racism in video games. In her post she chose to focus on a rebuttal to criticism by Chris Mottes, CEO of Deadline Games. Her post is […]

I’ve been thinking heavily about politics and government lately. My topics of interest have ranged all over the map from campaign financing to Real ID to lobbying. However, the issue of individual rights has me a little more puzzled than most, namely because it seems that a number of people don’t talk much about them […]

The photo above of Apple’s forthcoming iPhone above has been circulating the Internet for a while now, without the obvious edit. Yet, it took m until the other day to start wondering… whose hand is holding that iPhone? What kind of person has literally “gotten their hands” on an iPhone months before anyone else? Was […]

I don’t have any extremely thoughtful analysis today, but I would like to spread some hope for those that like to see a little integrity now and again.   Last night on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart had on a Republican presidential nominee named Ron Paul. Paul had an excellent interview, but his views aside, […]