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So I came across this NPR piece today on “E-Politics.” For the most part, I like it. I do think that the Internet will change the political landscape, and I also think we need a better deployment for broadband across the US (though how to do that is up for debate). However, I came across […]

So I ran into a poll on the politics section of Facebook today. Aside from the obvious lack of an “other” category, I have a more basic problem wiht this poll. Why is ABC (who runs the politics section of Facebook) pushing people into believing that deep down they’re really single issue voters? In my […]

I’ve got a problem with “flip flopping.” Not with politicians changing their minds, but rather with the practice of labeling anyone who changes their position on something a flip flopper. It’s gotten to the point where politicians are afraid to take a stand on anything for fear of being accused of a different stance later. […]

Something’s been nagging at me lately. I’m wondering how we can ever hold a president up to the standards (or even just statements) that they make during a campaign. Perhaps it’s unfortunate, but George W. Bush has been the first president I’ve been politically conscious for. This isn’t unfortunate for any specific policy, but because […]

Talking about some individual posts for a bit, I came across this one today at Pajamas Media: Much ink has been spilled in recent years — by Ba’at Yeor and Mark Steyn, most prominently — on the demographic decline of Europe vis-à-vis Islam. Heretofore the assumption has been that such could not happen in the […]

Bias and Truth


First, the good news. I’m officially back on the blogging track. Second, the bad news. The focus still isn’t too specific, but hopefully as I continue to post and link to stuff things will start to converge at one point or another. So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about truth and media. I’ve picked […]