Fact Check: Religious Fertility Rates


Talking about some individual posts for a bit, I came across this one today at Pajamas Media:

Much ink has been spilled in recent years — by Ba’at Yeor and Mark Steyn, most prominently — on the demographic decline of Europe vis-à-vis Islam. Heretofore the assumption has been that such could not happen in the U.S., that our higher birth rates — due in large measure to our greater religious adherence — would head off Islamization on the European model. But a recent line of Islamic attack advocated on the Yahoo group MahdiUniteMuslims (MUM) has forced me to reconsider that smug assumption.

The article goes on to discuss the sexual attraction of a temporary marriage being embraced by a few Muslims.

I have many oppositions to this article. First, I don’t like it’s conspiratorial tone against an entire religion. Second, I don’t think people usually switch religions based on sexual freedom.

However, my biggest problem is with the factually inaccurate part, the block quote above. Presuming the “us” to be Christians, the numbers simply don’t back up Mr. Funish’s point.


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