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Bill Moyers had a column out recently about the decline of the fourth estate. His column goes on to express concerns over media consolidation and support network neutrality. In my opinion, he should have focused more on the big picture evolution of the fourth estate. I think most people would agree that the operation of a “press” is […]

On Truth


I’m afraid I’ve succumbed a bit to that inner hater that keeps Jay Smooth from ever getting his work out. But, today I’m going to push past it and put out some things that have been kicking around my head for a while.   First, I’ve been thinking a lot about truth. What is it? How do you know […]



As a technical update, I’ve been toying around with what combination of tools would work best with how I want to express myself. If you’re interested in keeping up, my FriendFeed page catches everything from Amazon wish list changes to blog posts to tweets. My current plan, subject to daily revision, is to keep the […]