The Palin Post


I’ve written this post a couple of times now, coinciding
with each new major twist in the media narrative regarding VP nominee
Palin. As such, I’m not going to get too deep into any of these, but
I’ll briefly say what’s been on my mind.

First, I think the strategy to announce Palin on the
day of Obama’s speech was brilliant. Not necessarily good for public
discourse, but then conventions aren’t really meant to inspire thought
and policy debate, so bravo to the McCain strategists.
But second, and I’m more tentative on this one, I do
ahve to wonder how much the McCain campaign actually vetted Palin. The
ties that the media unearthed in less than a week seem like they
would’ve been serious factors against considering her as the nominee.
Perhaps being a lightning rod for publicity is their plan for her,
since McCain appears to be less than photogenic. In that case, again,
good job McCain strategists. If that wasn’t the reason though, I have
to wonder what they were thinking.
Third, speaking of the media, I’ll echo my lament over
any legitimate analysis regarding Palin to date. Few if any have spoken
about the implications of her opinion on policies. Most have chosen to
say that she “rounds out” McCain by being socially conservative where
he isn’t, thus re-energizing the base. Issues with being a
simple-minded reactionary electorate aside, I think the coverage so far
has been horrendous. I don’t care about her daughter, I don’t care
about the crazy group that has third hand ties to her, I don’t
care about any of it until someone can explain to me how in the
world ANY of that is going to affect me in 4 months? Oh, it won’t?
Then stop that nonsense. Covering trash as a meta-story, justified
with “it’s a story because voters will be affected by it,” is a
terrible, circular excuse. The public could use some help when it comes
to politics, media. Don’t throw us garbarge when we’re starving for
Finally, Palin’s speech at the RNC. I think the speech
went pretty well. It was nice to hear her talk about energy, regardless
of whether or not I agree with her. I was amazed though, to realize
that you can flat out lie in such a public venue. I’ve said elsewhere,
apparently you can boldface lie wherever you are as long as you have
enough people cheer at appropriate intervals. I was absolutely stunned
to hear how she claimed she was never for the bridge to nowhere and
that Obama has never authored legislation among other things that were
just plain factually wrong. Who wrote that speech? Who proofread that
speech? Is this really what politics has come to, that if we simply
assert things hard enough people believe them, regardless of whether or
not they’re true? So with regard to truth, I thought the speech was
And also, I didn’t listen to Biden’s speech, who’s may
have been along the same lines. Regardless, blatant lies in a
nationally televised speech should not happen regardles of party. Who’s
held accountable for those errors? Who gets fired for that? The
speechwriter? The TV execs? Or do we just shrug our shoulders and let
it go?
I’m sure there will be more to say, but for now those are my thoughts.

One Response to “The Palin Post”

  1. Every one is a liar, except us bloggers. We remember all the pertinent details of every thing said by anyone. Only problem is, we do not care to say them out loud, just remind everyone that we know. That way politicians can continue to lie. We can tell just like 6 year old boys, if their mouth is moving they must be lying. All and None with Always and Never and we can have a field day with anyone. We are so sharp we can justify total apathy without it ever touching us. It is only because no one is worth following. Last one that was, He gave up and would not fight. HE DIED. So much for perfection. Without fighting who would want to follow HIM? Jerry D. Hill

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