I Can’t Stand Campaign Patriotism



Patriotism can be a good thing, but I want to talk about an branch of it that’s really been bugging me, a kind I’ll call “campaign” patriotism.
So far in this US election cycle, the attack that’s enraged me the most whether coming from left or right (but it’s mostly been from the right) is to attack the “patriotism” of the other candidate in question. You know, focusing in on a single quote from a spouse, or repeatedly citing the absence of a flag pin, or making up something about not saying the pledge of allegiance, or calling Hawaii too exotic a place for a candidate to vacation. These attacks question the character of a man/woman and his/her loyalty to the nation.
I want to do an obviousness correction for all this, and I’m going to bold it for emphasis.
No candidate who is willing to run for president is unpatriotic.
So can we get over it already? You’re not going to find some hidden habit that proves either candidate secretly hates America and the facade they’ve upheld for so long will come crumbling down. No one in their right mind would put themselves through the ordeals required to become president if they didn’t love the country.
The countless hours of speeches, the travel time away from family, the cameras, the pressure, the tough choices, the tough compromises, the responsibility and accountability for things that go wrong… It is a crazy amount of stress and work to become president of the US, which would undoubtedly drive out anyone who attempted to rise to the top to do harm to the country.
So can we please drop all the nonsense charges against the patriotism of the candidates now and start talking about realistic issues? Disagreements on the likely outcomes of policies perhaps? Something?

One Response to “I Can’t Stand Campaign Patriotism”

  1. Well, I guess President Bush must really be in love with America, He did it twice. Still people talk about him like he was some stupid red neck. He loves his country and has tried to make it work. He does not get a lot of cooperation from a lot of people. But he does have some veto power. We will look at the next President, no matter who. They both are credited with wanting to change things. We will find out if they can or not. Maybe we could even find out why or who keeps good things from happening. Jerry Hill

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