Google Reader Roundup #3


Here’s this week’s Reader Roundup… it’s been a good one…

via The Moderate Voice on 9/5/08

“This is is like when Just How Stupid Are We suggests that voters be polled not only for their opinion, but how much they know about a given topic as well, but on a candidate level.

I like it. I like it a lot.”

Ezra Klein raises an interesting point in response to McCain’s assertion that Obama’s health care plan “will force small businesses to cut jobs, reduce wages, and force families into a government run health care system where a bureaucrat stands between you and your doctor.”…

I have a feeling Klein would win that bet. In fact, I’d wager that both candidates would struggle to accurately describe the specifics of their opponent’s policies. Any takers? Unfortunately, the only way to get an answer is for the media to pose the question during a debate or press conference, and that’s something I wouldn’t bet on happening.

via Ill Doctrine on 9/5/08

“Jay Smooth always knows how to describe that “little hater” perfectly… and I always find it inspiring.

I think I’ll try to post some stuff I’ve left drafted for a while, just in honor of this awesome composition.”
[Video embed would go here. Check out his original post.]

Topher asked me to describe my Little Hater, and Derek asked me to discuss beatboxing. But the beatboxing game is to be sold, not to be told. If you’re not familiar with the Little Hater go here.

via Bigthink – Site Features Feed on 9/5/08

“Interesting, to see Ariely make the point “people don’t shop for prices when they have a heart attack.” It makes you realize treating healthcare like a product only goes so far.

Also, I think his point that we all pay for everyone’s healthcare anyway through insurance is interesting as well.

It makes me see the convergence in Just How Stupid Are We and single payer healthcare systems, both of which are arguing for the existence of flaws in The People, and noting how they can’t make perfect decisions in today’s climate.”

[Again, check the site for the video.]

Duke University behavioral economist Dan Ariely on the free market case for universal healthcare.


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