Any Questions for the Future VICE President?


With Sarah Palin being interviewed by People and Charles Gibson, one question I’ve heard asked and speculated on over and over has really started to bug me.

“Sarah Palin, are you ready to be president?”

Is it just me, or does this question reveal absolutely nothing about Palin that will affect me in the coming years? Regardless of if she’s ready or not, if McCain wins and something happens, she’ll be sitting in the chair making the calls. So can we please ask her something that’s a little more pertinent to her future role and to my future life?

Except… I feel that the media has been trying and getting that wrong. In my view, they’ve been asking her question after question about her role as a potential commander in chief, but the odds that McCain wins and something happens to him are reasonably small. So, how about we ask her question about the job she’ll actually be doing instead of her ideas as a backup president?

For example, how does she feel about Congressional oversight of the Vice Presidency? Does she agree with Cheney’s office that the VP is technically a fourth branch of government given the VP’s role in the Senate? To what extent does she think executive privilege applies to her office and actions?

In other words, I hope for the good of the political debate, the media starts asking Palin questions about what she would actually be doing as VP rather than what she might do in the job she might have.


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