Reader Roundup #4


Time for another edition of the Reader Roundup, a look back at some of the quick notes I’ve been making about stories on the news. You can view the Google page here or subscribe to the rss feed.

So without further ado…

via NewsTrust – Today’s Picks on 9/13/08

“My favorite part of this article? The blanket statements like “McCain would lower taxes while Obama would raise them.” Please, don’t bother with sourcing or explaining how Obama would actually lower taxes for most households.

/sigh… There’s just not enough time to fact check everything written by both campaigns, so what is a truth interested voter supposed to do?”

Wall Street Journal – By Phil Gramm, Mike Solon – Sep. 13 (Opinion) – Despite the federal government’s growing economic dominance, individual states still exercise substantial freedom in pursuing their own economic fortune — or misfortune. As a result, the states provide a laboratory for testing various policies.

via MediaChannel on 9/12/08

“This article has some frightening paragraphs… particularly the one that talks about how if pundits hold on to their lies forcefully enough, people ignore the fact checking reports in contradiction to them.

The bit about John McCain’s effort to run a different campaign before he went negative is also a paragraph that hurts my heart as a citizen.”

By Charles Babington, AP
(AP Analysis) The “Straight Talk Express” has detoured into doublespeak.

via memeorandum on 9/12/08

“I’ve been holding back on what I think the re-energizing of the Repbulican party means. Perviously, I’d held the idea that perhaps the nation was tired of Republican policies as put forward by President Bush and was leaning a bit to the left. But now, it seems the splits still exists as strong as ever, the Repubclians simply needed a figure they could rally behind.

I wonder what this means. It would seem to imply that people aren’t swayed by the outcomes of policy so much as the charisma of the leadership they identify with. That, in turn, doesn’t bode well for rational policy voting in a nation whose daily diet of mass media manipulation has reached incredibly high levels.


Lydia Saad / Gallup:
Battle for Congress Suddenly Looks Competitive —  Democrats’ double-digit lead on the “generic ballot” slips to 3 points  —  PRINCETON, NJ — A potential shift in fortunes for the Republicans in Congress is seen in the latest USA Today/Gallup survey, with the Democrats now leading …

via Just How Stupid Are We? on 9/11/08

“’We spend two whole days debating whether Barack Obama insulted Sarah Palin and we’re supposed to think that’s a sign of our intelligence as a self-governing people?’

Once again from Rick… ouch.”

Thus spoke Barack Obama in mocking derision of an obvious falsehood after McCain began selling himself as the real agent of change.

I have news for Mr. Obama.

“They” the Republicans do think “you’re stupid.” And I have to admit the evidence keeps piling up that they’re right.

We spend two whole days debating whether Barack Obama insulted Sarah Palin and we’re supposed to think that’s a sign of our intelligence as a self-governing people?


Obama had the nerve the other day to echo his veep’s claim that the American people are smart.

But where’s the evidence of it?

It’s my official position of course that it is silly to call the American people stupid. It’s impossible to generalize like that about 300 million plus people. But they sure aren’t smart. Smart voters wouldn’t put up with debates about pigs wearing lipstick.


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