Voter Registration Fraud and Voter Fraud


I’ve made the case in conversation that voter registration fraud doesn’t equate to voter fraud, but this NewsBusters piece is exemplary of the problem I have with the argument.

As best I can tell, there is no reliable statistical correlation between voter registration fraud and voter fraud. At best, I’ve heard arguments that registration verifiers are swamped by the fake registration:

Except that while the poll workers are overwhelmed, such as in Ohio, checking out the many fraudulent registrations submitted by ACORN, many phony voters are able to slip through the system. However, to point out the obvious fraud being perpetrated by ACORN on a large scale, according to the Times,? is to make a “wild claim”

This passage makes the presumption that “many” fake registrations get through, which translates to fraud “on a large scale,” but I don’t see actual numbers. Do they exist? For all the noise being made, I don’t see a great effort to quantify it.

I’ll take the argument if I see it… they’ll just have to be more convincing than the DoJ’s report and the NYU study MediaMatters put together here showing no connection between voter registration fraud and vote fraud.


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