Is That Their Job?


From Morrissey’s Hot Air again:

Under either John McCain or Barack Obama, millions of Americans will wind up paying no federal income taxes.  According to the Tax Foundation, tax liabilities will drop to zero (or less) for 15-16 million more Americans than now, pushing that to almost half of all filers.  While that may seem optimal to some, if it doesn’t come with significant reductions in overall revenue, it forces fewer people to pay for more government:

All of that is true, but Ed’s title, “How many will pay no federal income taxes in the next administration?” got me wondering something I’ve wondered for a while now…

Why do we bother forcing presidents to make up a tax policy if it’s not their job (Constitutionally speaking) to write it? An outline of their views and principles would certainly be appreciated, but constructing an entire plan seems like the job of… well… Congress, no?

Which means that the answer to Morrissey’s question is “however many the Congress feels like exempting next year.”


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