Stereotype Variance


From Resist Racism, via Racialicious (an excellent blog on race I don’t mention enough here):

Odgerel Hatenboer, who is originally from Mongolia, attended an open day at Glyndwr University in Wrexham, with the hope of enrolling for an accountancy course. However, she was told my a staff member that the course might not be suitable for “people like you, Oriental people”:

Ouch, but the explanation is more interesting.

She said: “The man said something like ‘I’m not saying you’re Chinese but people like you, Oriental people, tend to accept what is written in the books and what the lecturer says, whereas this kind of course is nothing like you have studied in the past, it requires more analytical skills, you will have to do more yourself.”

What was interesting to me was trying to grasp the difference in Welsh stereotypes compared to American stereotypes.

I’m not an accountant, but I would think in the US there would be the opposite presumption of Mrs. Hatenboer. That her inherent capability to “do math”, or her genetic inclination to hard work and study would aid in doing due diligence in the class.

I wonder if different regions form different stereotypes of people based on their first cultural emissaries or by a value system internal to the stereotyping culture?


2 Responses to “Stereotype Variance”

  1. 1 sinoangle

    Did you read my original post on Resist Racism? Your answer is there.

  2. 2 David Wynn

    I did read your post sino, but unless you’re talking about a different post I didn’t see anything along the lines of the question I asked.

    If you’re talking about your interpretation, that the woman was trying to leave out people she thought were “Communist sheep,” then the question remains, is that prejudice a function of the present value system of the woman’s culture or by initial cultural contact with the Chinese?

    Or is it a blend? In that cultural value systems reset at various points leading to overthrown governments and the like… and then the next encounter with another culture resets the stereotype?

    I can’t say I’ve read or thought enough about it to know.

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