Wesabe Praise: Data Export


Problem: You’ve spent a lot of effort setting up your system on Wesabe, and you’d like to be able to see that data many ways and on many devices.

Wesabe Answer(s): Firefox, iPhone, Twitter, CSV, OFX, OFX2, QIF, Widget, or plug straight into the source with the API

For those that don’t recognize everything in the list above, let me paraphrase. Wesabe is uncommonly eager to let you use your data any way you want. They have a Firefox extension if you want a financial summary in your sidebar. They have a mobile (as well as iPhone specific) website so you don’t have to stumble through large page downloads to see your information on the go. They export into numerous financial formats, so if you want to import your data into Quicken Desktop or MS Money later, you can do so. They have several widgets, excellent for those that want to keep up on their finances handy at a glance. Most impressively, they’ve released an API, which allows programmers to write programs that Wesabeans can use to further analyze their data.

Personally, I’m most excited about the iPhone website (which let’s me see my spending targets on the go) and the API, because I think there could be some really cool stuff done with it once someone puts their mind to it. Nothing particularly groundbreaking seems to have come of it yet, but I have my fingers crossed… as well as my eye on a coding book to give it a go myself.

Mint and Quicken both allow for text messages and email digests to be sent at particular times, but sincerely lag behind Wesabe in all the other areas. Rumor has it they’re developing a native iPhone app, and I hope Wesabe will be right there with them when they do.

Because I check my accounts often, Mint and Quicken’s reminder features just aren’t that useful to me. As such, Wesabe’s data portability gives it a huge edge over the other two services.


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