Wesabe Praise: The Community


I don’t really know how to go about X (finance related), how do I start?
I keep trying to do something I know Wesabe can do but it’s not working!

Wesabe Answer: Groups

As for the first question, there are pages and pages of discussion, all searchable in Wesabe’s Groups, talking about almost any financial topic that you could imagine. My favorite part about Wesabe Groups is that they cover several topics that are more obscure, in addition to major financial issues. The user community does their best to help each other out, even if by the end of the debate the answer isn’t always clear.

Now to the second question, Wesabe’s help is extremely transparent. If you have any problem with the site, search for it in the groups. In all likelihood there will be an answer. If not, the Wesabe support is excellent.

I’d actually like to restate that. The people behind Wesabe are excellent. They care about user feedback more than the vast majority of people at other services I’ve used. For example, they made a change to their Goals page one night, which I often use, and I tweeted my dismay before I went to bed. Come morning, there was a direct message asking what specifically was wrong and wanting more detail about my tweet. That is what that separates Wesabe from Mint and Quicken. They prove that they care about what they’re doing day after day in a very tangible way.

I’m not one to leave that kind of passion easily.


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