Why Wesabe Works For Me


Taking a brief hiatus from politics, over the next few posts I would like to talk about why, out of the big three web finance apps (Mint, Quicken, and Wesabe), Wesabe has been the app that I can’t give up, no matter how tempting the other two become.

First, if you’re considering using a web app to track your finances, which I would recommend over a simple spreadsheet, picking any of these three will get you the same basic features. You can import your accounts straight from the bank, categorize the transactions, and get graphs of your spending. They all provide some sort of budgeting tool, and all of them get around your bank fees if your bank is cash strapped to the point where they charge you a monthly fee to use the desktop version of Quicken or Microsoft Money (I’m looking at you, Wachovia).

That said, there are certainly differences between the services. Each site has a different focus with a few different bells and whistles that may or may not appeal to you. My goal here isn’t to list all the differences, each site has their own intro set up for that. Instead, I’m going to explain why Wesabe is the right choice for me.

Wesabe Praise: Proxy Tagging
Wesabe Praise: Data Export
Wesabe Praise: The Community
Wesabe: Wrap Up


4 Responses to “Why Wesabe Works For Me”

  1. Thanks much, David, this is great to see — I sent it to everyone here. Please let us know whenever you see a way we can make the site better. Wesabe works because of the people like you who make it work, so thanks from everyone on the site!

  2. Bang on. I signed up early on with Wesabe and for me they have and remain one of the best examples of community driven applications – not just in the fact that the community creates the product (content) – but that the community really does drive the development direction. Their open responsiveness to features and issues was amazing particularly early on and it remains authentic even as their community has expanded. A great example of ‘open’ values in practice through a ‘hybrid’ business model in a ‘closed’ industry.

  3. I’ve been using Buxfer (http://www.buxfer.com/) for tracking all my expenses and it has been great. One of the biggest advantages of Buxfer over others is “group transactions”. Do have a look at it.

  4. 4 David Wynn

    Thanks Siddhartha, I hadn’t heard of Buxfer.

    I’ll have to check it out.

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