Isn’t It Interesting


My girlfriend brought up an excellent point yesterday when we were talking about the election results.
All of a sudden, it seems to be ok to talk about Obama as the first black president.

I don’t believe people were naive to it earlier, but at the same time there was clearly a stigma surrounding its discussion in the media and by those supporting Obama. As one example, Colin Powell caught significant flack for his mention of Obama’s skin color during his endorsement, and it seemed to be that if anyone else brought it up they would be charged (as Powell as) with voting based on race.

I believed, and still do, that Obama’s skin is something that can’t be tossed out, but that shouldn’t define him either. However, nearly every news source I’ve read in the past few days has been talking about how proud people are of the country, and how far we’ve come as a nation, and what Obama’s presidency means symbolically to this nation and to the world.

All of those things are true… but I feel like I’m getting a little whiplash… going from not being able to discuss it three days ago to dominating the news these past few days.


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