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Time for my favorite post of the series. As I’ve looked around the web for opinions and analysis of Google Wave, I can’t help but notice they’re all talking about the wrong thing. They’re talking about the product, rather than the platform. When email was first introduced, the exciting part of it wasn’t how it […]

Now that I’ve spent a few posts singing praises for Google Wave, it’s time to shoot down some of the hype that’s surrounded the product. Step aside email, the waves are here Google, like it has in the past, is working on a new product. They have big ambitions, sure, but they had big ambitions […]

Google Wave has a number of things going for it in theory, but I don’t think the most important ones have gotten enough attention from the rest of the web. I’ll cover what has been wrongly hyped in my next post, but for now I’ll stick to what I think is most important with regard […]

To those who don’t know what Google Wave is, don’t think you’re alone. Google put out both an 80 minute video and an 8 minute video to try to explain it, and there still seems to be plenty of confusion to go around. Here’s my attempt to explain Google Wave in a way that anyone […]

There’s been a lot of chatter about Google Wave recently, and quite a bit of it isn’t so positive (unless you look on Twitter, where there are both constant pleas and offers for invitations). As one who doesn’t have an invite yet, I wanted to add my voice to the mix with a short series […]