What Makes Google Wave So Awesome


Google Wave has a number of things going for it in theory, but I don’t think the most important ones have gotten enough attention from the rest of the web. I’ll cover what has been wrongly hyped in my next post, but for now I’ll stick to what I think is most important with regard to waves.

A wave goes ANYWHERE*

I mentioned this in my overview of Google Wave, but the fact that one can embed a wave in any web page is, to me, a HUGE deal. It takes the effort down tremendously on collaborative projects. It opens up a conversation to the entire Internet if you wish. It allows you to tap into the wisdom of the crowds to help with your research in whatever topic. It’s essentially an embeddable, flexible, more powerful wiki for everyone.

I don’t want to go into specifics, because I’m saving that for the last post in my series, but to me the potential here seems huge.

Comments (and debate) can be localized

It’s one thing to write a 5,000 words article and leave space for comments at the end. It’s another thing to have the ability to comment square on top of what you take issue with in a piece. Opening up inline commenting and keeping conversation physically close to what’s relevant seems like a huge win discussion comprehension.

Automation is awesome

I’m extremely excited about what robots will be able to do once some enterprising developers put them to good use. More than just being able to post to Twitter from your inbox, I can’t wait for bots that add value to a conversation or document as it’s being worked on. The more we lean on computers to handle lower level thinking, the more room in our heads there becomes for higher level thinking and drawing connections between ideas.

As always, comments are appreciated below, or feel free to shoot me an email.

*EDIT: I should be clear, Google hasn’t yet implemented this, and how they pull it off will be important, but I still think the idea is incredibly powerful.


2 Responses to “What Makes Google Wave So Awesome”

  1. This article would have been cooler had it been a wave.

    • 2 David Wynn

      True, but when I wrote it, I didn’t have an account.

      I’m optimistic about the future of waves… but not so hopeful that I’m converting all my old posts to waves just yet.

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