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A recent flare up between Jay Rosen and Joshua Errett has provided an interesting opportunity to test some of my ideas on diagramming arguments. Errett’s piece has been covered elsewhere, but I want to look specifically at his comments to Jay over Twitter, and determine whether or not he’s being accurate in defense of his […]

Paul Boutin has a new article out for Wired called Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook Make Blogging Look So 2004. While he does have a point in that blogs can’t compete directly against the strengths of those services anymore, I believe he underestimates the value of blogging today. It still outshines Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook on several factors. Let’s […]

[Note: I saw this draft from two weeks ago and decided that with the smears heating up to October levels, it would still be pertinent to publish today.] So I just saw a post of a video that gave me a chilling thought. Let’s presume lies are acceptable, though risky investments in a candidate’s campaign […]

Dangerous Logic


I came across a piece that disturbed me the other day on The Corner. It was written by Stanley Kurtz in response to the recent NYT Obama-Ayers piece. I can understand how Kurtz might not wish to reach the same conclusion as the NYT article, whose conclusion found no meaningful link between the two men, […]

One of my favorite podcasts that I make sure to listen to (unedited whenever possible) is the Intelligence Squared US debates published by NPR. I love that show because they gather some of the brightest minds to argue cogently for and against a relevant issue of the day. I’m planning on excerpting pieces from the debate […]

Note: Today brings another edition of Unpacking Arguments. If you have an argument you’ve found that you’d like me to analyze, feel free to email me at and I’ll feature it in an upcoming post.   Update: Hot Air seems to have picked up on York’s post as well, but it seems his primary […]

I’m starting a new style of blog post today I’m calling unpacking arguments. In these posts, I’ll go into a blog post in detail to break down the argument its making, its supporting points, and assess its reasoning. Without further ado… Clive Cook published an article in the Financial Times recently about how the “Democrats […]