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A recent flare up between Jay Rosen and Joshua Errett has provided an interesting opportunity to test some of my ideas on diagramming arguments. Errett’s piece has been covered elsewhere, but I want to look specifically at his comments to Jay over Twitter, and determine whether or not he’s being accurate in defense of his […]

I listen to NPR’s To The Point with Warren Olney because it’s one of the best sources of balanced information I’ve found. However, I’ve noticed that though the show handles bias better than any other I’ve seen, they have trouble with getting facts straight if people are willing to stand up for factual innaccuracies. For example, I was […]

My girlfriend brought up an excellent point yesterday when we were talking about the election results.   All of a sudden, it seems to be ok to talk about Obama as the first black president. I don’t believe people were naive to it earlier, but at the same time there was clearly a stigma surrounding […]

I’ve touched in previous posts (and in my Google Reader Notes) on the idea that I believe people should be analyzing the presidential race on the policy issues that will directly affect them during the future administration, rather than analyzing which president is more likable, or feels more like them, or some other character-based metric. […]

Today’s edition of unhelpful words comes in the form of a suffix: -gate. It’s become common practice when covering any political scandal these days to name the event with -gate at the end. But it remains unclear what this suffix does to shine any more light on the story than simply reporting it would. For […]

  Patriotism can be a good thing, but I want to talk about an branch of it that’s really been bugging me, a kind I’ll call “campaign” patriotism.   So far in this US election cycle, the attack that’s enraged me the most whether coming from left or right (but it’s mostly been from the […]

New tradition here, since I often do short notes on articles I find in Reader (recent updates at right), I figured once a week I would highlight some of the key posts of the week in the blog. Without further ado, some of the best notes of the week: Rise of the Sea Turtles | […]