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For those who haven’t been putting the pieces together regarding recent credit card legislation, Andrew Martin brings up an issue I felt was coming for a while now: Credit cards have long been a very good deal for people who pay their bills on time and in full. Even as card companies imposed punitive fees […]

Today I find myself with split emotions… which isn’t what I was expecting. I’m unsurprised to find that I feel incredibly hopeful. Today is truly a significant day in history. It is a day that for many holds great power, and I feel incredibly lucky to have helped make it happen in whatever small part […]

I listen to NPR’s To The Point with Warren Olney because it’s one of the best sources of balanced information I’ve found. However, I’ve noticed that though the show handles bias better than any other I’ve seen, they have trouble with getting facts straight if people are willing to stand up for factual innaccuracies. For example, I was […]

After a superb meal with my girlfriend’s family this Thanksgiving, several family members were discussing the most recent bailout proposal for the auto industry. Some were for it, others were against it, but the reasons for each position varied from person to person. However, What struck me most was the following statement: “I can tell you […]

Net Neutrality


Time Lee has just posted an article at Freedom To Tinker that is pretty well thought through. With Barack Obama’s election, we’re likely to see a revival of the network neutrality debate. Thus far the popular debate over the issue has produced more heat than light. On one side have been people who scoff at the […]

Jim Wooten put up a post this morning, beginning with a simple question on the AJC website: Does anybody actually believe Republicans are trying to keep legitimate voters from exercising their right to vote? I think this is the wrong question to ask. The right one is “Does anybody actually believe partisans are trying to keep legitimate voters […]

My girlfriend brought up an excellent point yesterday when we were talking about the election results.   All of a sudden, it seems to be ok to talk about Obama as the first black president. I don’t believe people were naive to it earlier, but at the same time there was clearly a stigma surrounding […]

Absolutely Not


Fox news is running an article where Joe the Plumber agrees that an Obama administration would be death to Israel. And I would like to say no. Absolutely not. We are not going there in our discourse. We are not going to credibly take foreign policy commentary from people who have marginal experience in the […]

I want to take a few minutes to talk about the slew of articles, referencing or alluding to Obama’s remarks regarding wealth redistribution, be they his “spread the wealth” comment to Joe the Plumber or to the 2001 radio interview that has recently surfaced. First, the more general comments. When you talk about wealth redistribution, you are inherently talking about […]

Points to Adam Thierer at the Technology Liberation Front (and Jesse Walker at Reason magazine) for caring about politics in terms of the issues rather than image: Jesse Walker has a terrific feature story looking “Beyond the Fairness Doctrine” in this month’s issue of Reason magazine. I highly recommend it. It’s an in-depth exploration of what […]