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Alright, I’ve been confused about this for a while now. If you read Techdirt or Ars for any length of time, you will invariably run across a story about iTunes, or DRM, or Microsoft’s upcoming Zune. But what will be mentioned in nearly all of these articles is how unhappy the record labels are with […]

Times are Tough


I’m afraid I have to put up another post that makes an excuse for a long delay in posting. For those that don’t remember, times as a student are hard. For those who haven’t taken Japanese as a foreign language, I’m afraid I’ll just have to make vague allusions to its massive difficulty, because getting […]

I got an email from the organizers of a leadership retreat I’m going to this fall a few days ago. Among the suggested readings was a recently published story in Rolling Stone magazine. To summarize briefly, the article made me very angry and forced me to take a walk before I could think clearly about […]