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Via¬†the talking dog: I know I’m a little¬†late in commenting on this one, but coming across this in a recent Vanity Fair article made my skin crawl. Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia recently made his case for heavy-handed interrogation tactics via a surprisingly current pop-culture reference. “Jack Bauer saved Los Angeles,” he told a panel […]

The Freakonomics blog pointed out a good follow up to my last post, noting that EVE Online has decided to hire a full-time economist to give reports, analyses, and opinions about the state of their virtual economy. The newly hired economist will publish reports quarterly on various economic indicators, inflation and price trends among them. […]

Techdirt had an interesting piece a while ago, talking about the potential for online currency to replace real money in the event of a crisis. It’s certainly an interesting thought. I mean, imagine if you could not only hedge your portfolio in real gold, but in virtual gold as well? Why even stop at currency? […]